Contribution by Fr Joseph Oladejo Faniran, Nigeria

In a book I wrote, entitled Foundations of African Communication with Examples from Yoruba Culture (Spectrum Books Limited, Nigeria, 2008), I argue that communalism remains the feature of African communication. It has, among others, the following indicators: the supremacy of the community, the usefulness of the individual, the sanctity of authority, respect for old age and religion as a way of life. All these impact on the way the African communicates and orders his or her world. There is no doubt that western modernism is impacting on this culture. But because communalism remains the root paradigm of the African culture, what is being produced can best be described as hybridization or the inserting of what is borrowed from outside Africa on to the communalistic root paradigm.

Fr Joseph Oladejo Faniran, Centre for the Study of African Culture and Communication, Catholic Institute of West Africa, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.