Course on "Global Ethics" at the Urbaniana University, Rome

This semester, Marguerite Peeters is teaching a course on “Global Ethics” at the Urbaniana University in Rome.

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the history, key concepts and operational mechanisms of the globalization of the Western cultural revolution. The cultural revolution of the West, which can be traced back to the French revolution and kept on gaining momentum before breaking out in May 68, ushered in a new, postmodern ethic which today surfs on the powerful wave of globalization.

Students are given the elements that enable them to:

  • understand the origin, history and content of the new global paradigms such as consensus, sustainable development, cultural diversity, good governance, participatory democracy, health rights, sexual and reproductive rights, gender equality, empowerment, etc. .
  • become familiar with the new global language and recognize its inherent ambivalence.
  • recognize the social engineering techniques used by the agents of change to change cultures and traditions from within.

Some of the didactic modules prepared for this course will be integrated in our upcoming seminars.