May-June 2009

1. At the end of this month of May 2009 we are happy to announce the launching of our website:

Our site promotes a dialogue on human and cultural identity at a time when westernized new norms and values, surfing on the powerful wave of globalization, transform all cultures from within, at great speed.

Dialogue Dynamics opts for the self-determination of persons and nations: for their freedom to be who they are in the era of globalization. A common search for what is real, true and good inspires the dynamics of our dialogue. This search implies an independence from the ambivalent, abstract or ideological frameworks that impose themselves through the operational mechanisms of global governance.

After fifteen years of analytical study of the post-cold war global cultural and political changes, the creation of this website marks a new step in the development of our project. It seeks to respond to a demand for information, training and friendly interaction coming from all parts of the world and which we no longer had the means to satisfy. The history of the project and the objectives of Dialogue Dynamics are described in “About us”. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any wish, suggestion or question you may already have.

2. First online seminars to start in September: as of September, we will launch our first on line seminars. They will aim to introduce participants to the phenomenon of the new global language and of the postmodern ethic it expresses as well as to the historical circumstances which made possible the global adoption and spread of the new paradigms after the fall of the Berlin wall. The objective of these seminars is not only to provide participants with the tools they need to discern, but also to open a dialogue on human identity, the self-determination of persons and nations, the search for reality and truth and global governance.

3. Conference on the promotion of women in Burkina Faso: a national conference on the integral promotion of women was organized by OCADES Burkina in Ouagadougou last May 13-15. We were happy to take part in it and to contribute a few words on the influence of western culture on developing countries. At a time when Africa is undergoing the effects of globalization, it wakes up and wishes to remain itself. The African aspiration in favor of the full recognition of the dignity of women coexists with westernized and fuzzy norms, such as gender equality and reproductive health. It appears both vital and urgent to allow our African friends to express their identity and to share with the rest of humanity the specific gifts they received, such as the sense of brotherhood and of trust in human relations, of the complementarity between man and woman, of motherhood and life, of respect for creation and for the sacred, of the ages of life and in particular of childhood and old age.

4. Newsroom: here you will find a flash on the on-going negotiations for the new “gender architecture” of the UN reform process.

5. Learning Forum: a few introductory modules on the global cultural and political changes of the last twenty years are already available here.