September-October 2009

Dear friends,

Our current activity for the months to come centers itself on the construction of a teaching corpus based on past productions and constituted of modules belonging to thematic seminars. This laborious work will have no visibility until completion. The reactions we keep on receiving on the occasion of conferences and courses greatly encourage us as to the usefulness of this effort.

Dialogue: We have opened a dialogue on agricultural development with a contribution by Bernard Graciet on the African agricultural question. As agronomist and senior manager of an agricultural supply multinational, B. Graciet raises the issue of the African agricultural problem, looks at the facts, addresses the reasons for failure, and makes a few recommendations on how to increase productivity. We hope this note, useful by its precision, will facilitate a common reflection.

We received the first reactions to our dialogue on consensus, which we invite you to read and which raise new questions that make our dialogue move forward, among others: mustn’t openness to transcendence be a norm of any consensus? Are human rights actually destroying the traditional African government, of a paternal-family type, centred on the search for the happiness of all members of the community? Isn’t the western human rights ethic superseding in Africa the sense of the sacred, the sense of the tribe or of the community and the sense of the family? What would the conditions be to reestablish the primacy of the family over the state in the governance of societies? We would be happy to receive the reflections that these questions arouse in you.

Newsroom: three newsbriefs on the General Assembly of the UN about:

We wish you all the best in your work and mission.